Navigating the perilous waters of theory, modeling, and systems is often not easy. The terminology for different elements of a trading or risk system can be confusing (sometimes intentionally). We have dealt with coders, exchanges, quants or other less technical people. Each group has its own vocabulary. A great part of any successful project is stating the problem's requirements in a language familiar to each group. Let us be your interface.

Here are some places where we can assist:

  • Are you considering the purchase of a risk system and are not sure how to begin? Greg has extensive experience in the risk field. He can guide you through the selection and implementation process.
  • Are you looking to make a buy versus build decision around a system? We have built different elements of trading and risk systems. A bit of planning and thought before the first line of code is written typically pays huge dividends.
  • Have you brought a new group on and cannot tell what risk or alpha they bring? We would be delighted to help.

Please contact us for a discussion around an engagement.