What is CommodityVol.com?

CommodityVol.com is a research consultancy which operates in the field of trading and trading analytics for the volatility trading community.

We provide:

  • Settlement based analytics
    • Settles vols Anything which is visible on this web application can be delivered to you in a variety of formats (JSON, CSV, Excel, TXT). We have you covered!

    • Settles curves Need curves to mark your books? Whether it is SABR, simple Quadratics or Spline Based curves we can deliver them to you in a variety of formats!

  • Custom Data Do you have internal data, but can't seem to squeeze value out of it? We can help!

  • Volatility Trading Do you need help around risk, UI design, or other trading issues?

  • Intra-day Data We are working with a data provider to build an intra-day product for risk managers and traders. Think of all the analytics we generate (for settles prices), but extended to intraday intervals.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a quick consultation!