Do you have complicated, time oriented, or hierarchical data sets which are not generating value? Is that data sitting in a relational database or other difficult to use store? We have invested an incredible amount of time and effort in designing a custom store for our data. We can host your data on a private cloud server and generate analyses similiar to those found in our web application.

Here are some instances where we can help:

  • Maybe you are a market maker who runs a bid and an offer vol curve. You have a set of flat files with snapshots of this data, but it sits unused. We can set up a private instance where your data is organized and able to generate the inferences you need to trade.
  • Perhaps you are a basis trader and would like to run analytics on your data. We can build a data store which will enable you to that and more.
  • Maybe you are a large bank and would like to have all of your curves (credit, volatility, price termstructures, etc.) logically organized. Our hosting is ideal. It was designed with this use case in mind.

Please contact us for a discussion around hosting.